Anonymous is a five piece Classic Soul musical group which has a big sound due to today’s modern technology. Our vocals are our trademark, supported by orchestral sequencing done in our state of the art production studio. We spare no expense when it comes to recreating the sound of the original artist. Once that is mastered, we add a little of our own personal touches to bring it into this new millennium.

I started Anonymous in 1983. Since then there has been over 30 different members. There is so much talent in my area which is why I named the group Anonymous. No matter who was available we always had a unique and distinguished sound. We started playing the local clubs then hooked up with M&L Associates which lead us out to Larry Holmes’ club The Round One. From there we went to Osaka Japan, Boston Massachusetts, Ogunquit Maine, Caesar’s Palace in the Pocono’s, Quebec Canada, Nova Scotia and Nagrill Jamaica. We also do Weddings, Dances,  Anniversaries and Corporate Functions. The Tri-State area is our home and we enjoy singing for the home crowd.

We are available for all the above and beyond and will be singing for a long time to come.

Sincerely, "Scooby“  Band Leader of Anonymous